This measure that was ratified by the Canarian High Court of Justice and comes into effect tomorrow, Saturday 25th December 2021 and initially for one month after being published this afternoon, although it could be extended depending on how the situation evolves.

Establishments, premises, installations and activities located on islands whose number of cases place them at Phase 3 or 4 on the Covid scale and are obliged to abide by limited occupancy or opening hours must enforce the use of certificates for their patrons.

Access to these places requires presenting a negative certificate that proves the customer aged 12 years and 3 months and over does not have Covid-19. Only certificates issued by a legally authorized laboratory will be accepted and with a maximum of 48 hours.

This type of proof may be substituted by providing an official certificate of vaccination, 14 days after having received the last dosis or by providing evidence of having recovered from Covid within the last 11 to 180 days, again with an official certificate in either paper or digital format.


  • Establishments within the hospitality/ restaurant sector that are open to the public and whose Opening licence permits maximum occupancy in excess of 30 people
  • Nightlife establishments whose Opening Licence allows for a maximum occupancy in excess of 30 people, as well as those that regardless of occupancy, serve food
  • Establishments and areas designated for recreational activities and whose Opening Licence allows for more than 30 people, as well as those that regardless of occupancy, food is consumed
  • Events, festivals and celebrations where crowds may gather and with attendance in excess of 500 people, or again, regardless of maximum occupancy, where food is served and/ or consumed
  • Sports events with crowds of more than 500 persons, or regardless of occupancy, food is served and/or consumed
  • Cultural events, cinema, theatre, auditoriums and similar whose Opening Licence allows for occupancy of more than 50 people or where food is served and/or consumed
  • Gyms and similar
  • Medical establishments and health centres to visit in-patients or to accompany others to an appointment, treatments etc. This does not apply when the patient is a minor, disabled or dependant
  • Residencial establishments or day centres for outside visitors

This measure applies to the establishments, installations and activities described above regardless of whether they are enclosed or in the open-air. The certificate remains voluntary for those islands in Phases 1 or 2.

The Health Department made a Lector COVID SCS app available to these establishments, that can be downloaded from Google Play, Apple Store and Huawei App Gallery to facilitate verification of the Covid certificate.

Fuerteventura is still in Phase 3 until 30th December 2021, so these measures apply. You can download your Covid certificate by typing “mi certificado covid” in your internet browser that takes you to the Canarian Health Service platform and following the instructions. I’ve just done mine in less than a minute to check and it worked fine.

Stay safe

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