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These General Services are aimed at business owners and individuals alike to help them navigate through the red tape whilst living in Fuerteventura or Lanzarote. Whether you are moving to the Islands and need help getting all the paperwork you need to settle or whether you already live here and need assistance with day to day bureaucracy or even if you simply do not wish to do battle with the Spanish Administration, why not let Canary Admin Services do the hard work for you?

Examples of General Paperwork Services

How Canary Admin Services Can Get You Off to a Great Start...

N.I.E. and Residencia Applications

For anyone moving to the Canaries, it is probably one of the first items on the agenda. N.I.E. is a Foreigner's Identification Number in Spain, a number that is used for purchasing property and vehicles or for importing personal belongings.  Once you are granted an N.I.E. number, it is yours for life and the same number will convert into your residencia number, should you choose to reside here permanently. This service would also include obligatory registry of said N.I.E. number at the tax office and depending on your circumstances, it may also involve registry at your local Town Hall. 

Social Security, Pensions & Private Health Care

In Spain, you are not entitled to medical care under the National Health System unless you have contributed to it either as a business owner or as an employee. That been said, there may be other avenues to access the system, personal circumstances permitting. 

Those who are registered as pensioners in their country of residence are entitled to receive their pension here and can access the Spanish National Health System. This entitles them to register for a GP at their nearest Health Centre, receive prescriptions etc. 

In order to register as a resident in Spain, you must either pay into the system as a business owner or as an employee and if not, you must prove you have sufficent economic means to live here and show proof of private health care. Canary Admin Services can recommend local English speaking brokers to assist in that regard. 

Spanish Wills

Drafting a Spanish Will is essential if you own property or other assets in Spain. This not only protects your assets but makes it easier for your beneficiaries or heirs to process the inheritance and avoid complications with either country's Tax Office if they oppose the way the procedure is being handled or where the tax is being paid as typically, any asset located in Spain should be settled in Spain. The signing of a Will in Spain before a Notary Public will only affect the assets located here and will not affect any other assets you may have in other countries. 

Personal Income Tax Returns

Residents: As a resident if you earn under 22.000 euros per year from a sole employer, you are not obligated to declare, however, all business owners have this obligation regardless of their income. The declaration period generally starts in April and finalizes in June but bear in mind that penalties apply to those who do not fulfill their fiscal responsibilities. 

Non-Residents: Non-residents who own property in Spain are obligated to submit a personal income tax return during the tax year (a natural year) and if they are in receipt of rental income, this must also be declared. Again, there are still penalties for those who ignore this obligation and it also comes into play if the property is resold. 


This service entails applying for new meters, changes of ownership on existing contracts, cancellation of utility contracts, set-up of standing orders and similar procedures. 



Tráfico is the UK equivalent to DVLA and if you have a car on the island or register as a resident, you will have to register at Tráfico at some point. Services here include vehicle purchases, exchanging your current drivers license to a Spanish one, obtaining reports, payment of fines etc. Please be aware that you have the responsibility of ensuring your contact details are up-to-date because it can be very costly if you do not respond to a notification sent by Tráfico as they will send letters to the address registered on their system. 


The services that Canary Admin Services provides are by no means limited to the few detailed here so whatever your requirements, contact me and I’m sure I will be able to help you organize your paperwork with ease and headache free.