If you have not quite mastered the Spanish language and require an interpreter for either written or verbal translation work, Canary Admin Services can lend you a helping hand. The languages managed at this office are English and Spanish, and we also offer Sworn Translation Services for official documents.

Written Translations

If you have documents that need translating, these can be forwarded to me by email or delivered to my office and I will ensure that they are translated and returned to you as quickly as possible.

More technical documents can also be translated and I also have a vast experience translating legal texts. Be assured that every translation will retain the meaning of the original text.

Verbal Translations

For locals, translation services also include assistance in navigating the Spanish system and cutting through the red tape. If you require help to file a police report, translations at Community of Owners meetings and similar scenarios, please contact me for a quote.

Sworn Translations

Certain official documents such as marriage and birth certificates for example require a sworn or official translation to be accepted by Public Administration Offices or Notary Public. Feel free to contact me for costings.