Royal Decree 235/2013, 5th April is a law that was approved on the 13th of April 2013 and will come into full effect on the 1st June 2013, fulfilling European directives established back in 2002 and reiterated in 2007; that year many other EU member countries complied and incorporated the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) into their own property laws but Spain did not which is why this year the changes have come about. 

This law applies to all those who wish to rent or sell property from that date but there is much confusion surrounding this new directive in Spain so please check the Frequently Asked Questions section below: 

What is an Energy Performance Certificate?

It is a document that reflects a property’s rating for energy efficiency after an assessment has been carried out. Properties are rated from A to G; A being the highest rating and G being the poorest. The purpose behind it is to inform potential buyers and tenants of the characteristics of the property they are interested in, how it performs in all things relating to electricity so that they can evaluate, compare and reach a decision based on the property’s confirmed rating.

What Elements are Assessed to Determine the Rating?
What Types of Buildings are Obligated to have this Certificate?
How Do I Get a Certificate and is there a Charge?
Am I Obligated to Make Improvements to my House if I Get a Poor Rating?
What Would Happen if I Don't Obtain a Certificate?
Do I Have to Get a New Certificate for Each New Tenant?
My Property is Advertised With an Agent. Do I Need to Give Them Any Paperwork?

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