Now that all the festivities and end of year taxes are finally out of the way, we can breathe a little easier and get back to reality. Priority? Making sure our businesses stay on track and implement improvements for the upcoming year. Did you find time to make any resolutions? I’m sure that you diligent, dedicated people have made time to sit down and plan ahead but just in case I’m wrong, here are a few that will hopefully help you get organized and become even more successful before the year is out so take note…

1. Get Organized!

There are hundreds of Apps out there that can help simplify your life by jotting down your appointments, to-do-list, deliveries, deadlines etc in one place. You’ll find it very hard to forget to do anything from now on

2. Reflection:

Look back over 2013 and throw out anything that didn’t work for you. This could be internal systems, computer programmes, equipment etc. If it’s holding you back it should go

3. Delegate, delegate, delegate:

Nobody is supposed to know or be good at everything. Delegate tasks that aren’t your forte or simply free up your time so you can focus on other things

4. Network:

Have you ever tried networking? It is a way to get to know others in your industry and bounce ideas off each other that can help improve your business. In some areas, there are associations you can join that arrange regular get togethers or check out your nearest Chamber of Commerce for upcoming events of interest

5. Frustrated with an apparent lack of results?

List what you’d like to achieve and set realistic goals and deadlines for yourself to help you get there

6. Don’t be caught off guard:

Plan ahead for known business expenses like social payments, insurances, quarterly taxes etc so you can be sure to have enough funds to cover everything

7. Gut Instinct:

Before making decisions, take time to evaluate various possible outcomes, get advice if you need to but at the end of the day, you know your business better than anybody so from time to time just listen to your instincts and never be afraid of testing out new ideas

8. Get Motivated!

Don’t let yourself become bored and frustrated with your own business. Why not get out there and learn something new? It could mean brushing up your skills, learning new ones, taking a course or teaching others to do what you do so well

9. Promote your business:

Marketing is so important especially for new businesses but it’s often forgotten about. Draft a marketing plan and stick to it. Consistency is key…

And most importantly…

10. Make time for yourself this year and smile

Work to live and not the other way round

Good luck everybody! 🙂

About Sabrina L. Williams

Although I was born in the UK, I moved to the Canary Islands, Spain at a young age and I haven't looked back. The Canaries is a fantastic place to live, I mean you can do all types of outdoor activities practically all year round because of the great weather. Horses are my poison but the islands are also a superb spot for water sports so they do attract a lot of attention from people around the world. Anyway, enough about that. Back in 2011, I made one of the biggest, scariest yet best decisions I'd ever made and set-up my own business in the middle of a recession. I love what I do as no two days are the same, plus Spanish law keeps me on my toes as it is constantly changing (often without warning!) so there is always something new to learn. As I've branched out in the world of Administrative Consultancy, I decided to create a blog to discuss topics of interest to others in my industry and my clients, share tips and experiences, to see what new ideas people have for improving their businesses and the like so I hope you'll find the time to join me on this venture...

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