The Germans are Coming!

There is some good news for a change amid all the chaos… The councilwoman of the Canarian Government

There is some good news for a change amid all the chaos… The councilwoman of the Canarian Government Department of Tourism, Industry and Commerce, Yaiza Castilla celebrates the fact that the German Government has removed the Canary Islands from their no-fly list and have given us the green light for travel without having to quarantine upon returning home.

They join Holland whose travel restrictions to the Islands have also been lifted which will hopefully provide the massive boost we’ve needed and make for a much more prosperous summer.

From 28th April, the Islands have had a joint incident of less than 50 cases in a seven-day period which is a positive result. To that end, airlines have programmed more than 1.1 million seats between May and October which equates to 78,2% of operations in the same period in 2019. We can only hope that these flights take off as planned because of course, this will depend on how our numbers continue to evolve.

The German market has always been important to the Islands and their absence has not gone unnoticed. According to available information, in the first quarter 2021, the Canaries received 91.992 German tourists; 88% less than the same period of 2019 when we received 769.302 German tourists.

Let’s keep up with the good work and observe current restrictions so our COVID cases continue to decrease which will allow other countries to lift flight restrictions. Above all, we need to look ahead and guarantee a promising end to 2021 instead of flaunting restrictions now since we DEPEND on tourism to survive. Happy weekend all!

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