Ayuntamiento de La Oliva Allows Business Owners in the Hospitality Sector to Occupy Public Domain to Extend Terraces

Due to recent changes in Fuerteventura brought about by increased COVID-19 restrictions, the Ayuntamiento de La Oliva will

Due to recent changes in Fuerteventura brought about by increased COVID-19 restrictions, the Ayuntamiento de La Oliva will permit business owners in the hospitality sector who perhaps do not have an outdoor terrace to occupy part of the street so they can remain open.

As published in my previous article, Fuerteventura’s Alert Level increased to Three which means that indoor service is not permitted for the time being, however, this means that many establishments that do not have outside space have to make the difficult “choice” to close doors once again.

This Ayuntamiento will receive applications to use part of the street to set up a temporary terrace area to prevent further closures and financial loss to hard-working local business owners and their staff. Since this measure is in line with a Government Agreement on 16th December 2020 that states that “use of public domain will be exceptionally and provisionally granted during periods in which the islands are subject to Alert Level 3 and higher restrictions”, no other specifics besides either being in possession of the Opening Licences or providing proof it has been applied for have been indicated.

The Department of Commerce is responsible for processing these applications so if you are an affected party, it is well worth applying.

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