COVID-19: Fuerteventura Moves Up to Alert Level 3 Again

Who would have thought two years ago that we would live in a world where we would experience

Who would have thought two years ago that we would live in a world where we would experience lockdowns, curfews and restrictions where we are prohibited from seeing our own family and friends? This is our new reality and we must get used to constant changes in what we are permitted to do at any given moment.

To be honest, this year, I have not really wanted to write as much because I’m COVID-out, but I have to suck it up and keep reading the daily law changes. So here is the latest I’m bringing to you after it was approved on Friday and comes into effect from tomorrow, Monday 22nd March 2021. What are the restrictions for Alert Level Three?:

  1. Travel: Restricted travel and movement of persons to and from the island except justified travel (work, emergencies…). Those who have can prove they have pre-booked in tourist establishments will be authorized entry as per Decree-Law 17/2020, 29th October.
  2. Public and Private Areas: Maximum gatherings of four people except those who reside in the same home.
  3. Curfew: We must make sure to be home between 10pm and 6am every day except for essential activities (article 5 of Royal Decree 926/2020, 25th October).
  4. Hospitals: Visits are prohibited except for patients who are minors, pregnant, terminal or in similar circumstances.
  5. Hospitality Sector: Maximum of four persons per table. The security distance between tables is the usual 2 metres. Occupancy on terraces is lowered to 50% and unfortunately service in the interior of establishments is not permitted. Nobody is allowed to be seated at the bar. Interior buffets are not permitted, however, they may take place outside. Restricted areas must be clearly marks and activities that do not allow for the safety distance between patrons are not allowed. All establishments must be closed before 10pm allowing time for staff to get home.
  6. Sport: All interior sports activities are prohibited, however, they are allowed outside as long as occupancy is decreased to 50% of the normal number of people. Groups are limited to a maximum of four including the monitor if the minimum security distance cannot be guaranteed.
  7. Transport: Obligatory use of masks and it is not permitted to eat, drink or smoke onboard. Singing, shouting, initiating conversations with other passengers and phone conversations are restricted as well (breathing is optional!!!!). We are encouraged not to travel at peak times except for essential activities.

Good luck everybody and stay safe

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