COVID-19: A Breath of Maskless Fresh Air

Saturday 26th June 2021 is a new day and another step towards a “new normal” because Royal Decree-Law

Saturday 26th June 2021 is a new day and another step towards a “new normal” because Royal Decree-Law 13/2021, 24th June relaxes the rules on the use of masks in certain scenarios. Let’s break down what is going on and what the current rules are so you can kick start this weekend in style…

According to the State Bulletin (BOE), the pandemic’s evolution and the large number of vaccinations that have taken place during the first half of the year allow certain restrictions to be reduced bit by bit and will be done away with altogether (hopefully) when overall vaccinations in Spain exceed 70% of the population and all territories are situated below Alert Level I.

One of the measures that has had the most impact on controlling the transmission of COVID-19 has been the obligatory and continued use of face masks, something we have begrudgingly had to get used to in our daily lives. However, due to the above results and to praise those of us who have upheld these rules, they can now be relaxed in open-air spaces.

Article 6 of Law 2/2021, 29th March has been amended in the following way:

  1. Persons age six and older are obliged to use masks in the following scenarios:
    • In any enclosed public area or areas that are open to the public
    • In any open-air space that due to crowding does not allow for the minimum 1,5 metre safety distance between people (this does not include people who live under the same roof)
    • When using public transport (air, sea, road, train) which includes waiting areas and terminals. The same rules apply when using private transport if the occupants of the vehicle do not reside together. When travelling by sea, the use of masks is not compulsory when passengers are in their cabins or outside as long as the safety distance can be observed.
  2. The above obligations do not apply under the following circumstances:
    • Persons who have certain illnesses or respiratory difficulties that may be worsened by wearing a face mask; persons who are unable to remove their masks themselves due to their discapacity or dependence on others; persons who suffer from behavioural disorders that does not allow for the correct use of masks
    • If the nature of the activity being carried out is incompatible with the use of masks, in line with indications issued by the health authorities
    • In public places or enclosed areas that form part of collective residences such as retirement homes or nursing homes. This only applies to those who reside at these homes and not to external visitors or staff

This Decree was approved on 24th June 2021 and published yesterday evening which means the changes come into effect TODAY! Be responsible, be considerate and follow these rules so we can keep moving forward until we can return to some type of normalcy.

Disclaimer: I do not condone littering so the image is SYMBOLIC. Do not literally throw your masks on the ground lol 😉

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