COVID-19: Update. Fuerteventura’s Rising Cases Sends the Island Back to Alert Level 3

Yesterday, Thursday 15th July 2021, the Health Department convened to discuss progres on each island based on reports

Yesterday, Thursday 15th July 2021, the Health Department convened to discuss progres on each island based on reports on the number of recorded cases and unfortunately for us, Fuerteventura joins Tenerife at Level 3. The only other change made was to La Palma whose increasing cases sees the island go up to Level 2 whilst the remaining islands stay where they are.

According to statistics between the 30th June and 13th July, 352 COVID-19 cases were reported on Fuerteventura; this represents an average of 25 new daily cases. This means that Accumulated Incident Index went from high risk to very high risk on 9th July. Fortunately, no associated deaths nor ICU inpatients have been recorded, however, this apparent outbreak raises concerns.

As we are all aware, each level has specific restrictions, so lets quickly summarize what that means for us here on Fuerteventura. According to the Official Canary Islands’ Bulletin (BOC) published on 9th July 2021, at Level 3, the following limitations apply:


  1. In public or private areas, social gatherings of up to four people except if they reside under the same roof
  2. Nightclubs must remain closed
  3. Parks and beaches will close before 10pm to avoid people meeting up to drink (botellones). Shops are prohibited from selling alcohol after 10pm
  4. Maximum occupancy in shopping centres is 25% (if customers don’t overrun shops in the sales!)
  5. Public events are not permitted
  6. Maximum occupancy on public transport is reduced to 33%
  7. Visiting patients in hospital has been suspended for the time being unless special circumstances warrant them
  8. Curfew from midnight to 6am bar exceptions detailed under regulation


  1. Bars, restaurants, terraces etc must ensure a 2 metre distance between different tables or groups of tables is maintained at all times to include spacing for clients sat at the bar.
  2. 75% of maximum occupancy must not be exceeded on terraces and outside areas
  3. 40% of maximum occupancy must not be exceeded in interior areas. This may be increased to 50% if at least 10% of the customers have been fully vaccinated
  4. Occupancy per table or group of tables
    • Outside areas: 6 persons per table
    • Interior areas: 4 personas per table if not vaccinated and 6 persons per table if fully vaccinated
    • Bar: 2 persons per group of customers
  5. Buffet service in interior areas is prohibited
  6. All establishments must close before midnight
  7. Delivery services remains the same for all Alert Levels and may continue until midnight
  8. Customers may ring in food orders to be collected from the establishment but times must be given to avoid too many people arriving at the same time. The establishment must have a clearly sign posted designated area for customers to pay for and collect their orders
  9. Masks must be worn at all times except for when food and drink are being consumed
  10. Customer Logs must continue when customers are served inside
  11. All other protocols regarding menus, servillets etc remain as before

This is a massive blow as it feels as though things were just starting to pick up again but this virus is here to stay so if we all do our part, we can curb the numbers and hopefully go back down to a safer level soon.

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